Natural Cosmetics at Joan Morais Naturals

Natural Cosmetics at Joan Morais Naturals

We are an online school teaching natural cosmetic making and formulating. Our focus is on natural hair care and organic, natural skin care. Sustainable, green, clean beauty.

The cosmetic industry in the USA and the FDA, has no standard or definition of “natural” in cosmetics or “natural cosmetics”. More cosmetic ingredients are being produced to meet the natural market demand; derived from plants, sustainable and biodegradable.

Joan Morais Naturals definition of “natural”: Natural cosmetics are made from raw materials sourced from nature, such as plants and minerals and from a renewable natural source. The raw materials go through the least amount of processing and the processing methods cause the least impact to humans, animals and the earth. Natural cosmetics assist to beautify and promote radiant body, skin and hair. Active nutrients known as nutraceuticals are supplements such as vitamins for the skin and are beneficial to the skin are sometimes used. No petroleum ingredients are used.

At Joan Morais Naturals we value sustainable, fair trade raw materials, biodegradable ingredients, minimal carbon footprint and derived from nature. The ingredients are nourishing and effective for the skin and hair, for babies, children, adults and pets and fair trade ingredients.

The course formulations were developed with sustainability in mind using plant-based ingredients to produce professional natural cosmetic products for skin and hair.

Our Course Formulations

  • Green and Clean Beauty
  • Sustainable
  • Plant-Based, Mineral-Based, Vitamin-Based
  • Cruelty-Free
  • 100% Vegan (no animal product)
  • Paraben-Free
  • Sulfate-Free Shampoos
  • Silicone-Free
  • Formaldehyde Donor-Free
  • No Phthalates
  • No Propylene Glycol
  • No PEG’S
  • No Triclosan
  • No EDTA
  • No MEA or DEA
  • No Artificial Fragrance

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  • You have always been so helpful providing valuable and a wealth of info beneficial to new formulators such as myself. I always refer to you as one of my mentors from a distance. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great info! It’s so nice to see such high quality ingredients being utilized. Keep up the great work!

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