Plant Peptides for Skin

Baobab Fruit and Powder

Peptides are made up of a chain of amino acids. They are found in every tissue and send signals to produce more collagen. Collagen is what is found in the skin. Collagen provides firmness and plumpness to the skin and helps slow the process of aging. Our skin can absorb peptides easier than protein because the molecules are much smaller in size. To be effective peptides need to penetrate the skin. Peptides are known to help provide many skin antioxidant benefits. Continue to read below to learn more.

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Skin Benefits

  • Can improve elasticity
  • Have antioxidant properties
  • Protect against sun damage
  • Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Can help skin heal
  • Reduce inflammation of the skin

When to use

If you spend a lot of time in the sun. Want to slow the process of skin aging, tighten skin and help with fine lines.

You might need to adjust the kind of peptide depending on the season or what you are looking for. Select a gel-like peptide for summer and a heavier and thicker peptide formula in winter or if your looking for a richer formula. Pay attention to the consistency and how it delivers into the skin.


Peptides can come from animals, plants, or synthetically made. All formulations taught in our Pro Formulation Diploma Courses use plant-based peptides from natural and nutrient-rich sources. Examples of plant peptides can be from Africa Baobab tree, wheat, sweet almonds, oats, peas, rice, yeast and soy.

When formulating with plant peptides it is important to look for the combination. Each peptide used in skin care is derived from amino acids from several different natural plant proteins. It is the combination that’s important for results.


Signal Peptides– communicates to body to produce something such as more collagen or elastin.

Carrier Peptides– deliver repairing molecules to damaged cells.

Neurotransmitter-inhibiting Peptides– blocks your muscles and nerves from tensing up to make frowns and wrinkles

Enzyme-inhibiting Peptides– prevents collagen breakdown

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