Tahitian Natural Hair & Skin Care

Coconut “White Gold” of Tahiti

Tahitian Natural Hair & Skin Care

To be successful with a natural hair or organic skin care line, the niche needs to be very focused and narrow. One niche is to focus on using plants for the skin and hair from traditional cultures. Previously, I shared about Hawaiian natural hair and skincare and the uses of plants for hair and skin. Tahitian natural hair and organic skin care is beautiful for a product line.

People from Tahiti, since ancient times, used what they found in nature for beauty. Surrounded by lush nature in the French Polynesia, they have nutrient-rich plants, fruits and flowers readily available. People from Tahiti are known for their beautiful glowing tan skin and healthy dark hair. Read below to learn about Tahitian natural hair and skin care secrets.

Tahitian Coconut

Coconut is considered the, “white gold,” of Tahiti. The coconut tree is one of the most common trees in The Islands Of Tahiti.

The Tahitian Coconut provides many hair and skin benefits. The tradition is to cover your skin in oil to complement your body shape and to leave it glowing for special ceremonies, dancing or adventures.

Traditional healers practiced massages with coconut milk oil to moisturize, protect and repair the body.

Coconut milk or oil is also used to beautify, soften, smooth, condition and add radiance to the hair.

Tiare Flower (Tahitian Gardenia)

The tiare flower is a small, sweet, white flower..It is known for its gardenia fragrant aroma, these flowers are made into soaps and perfumes.

The National Flower of Tahiti, tiare, is considered sacred and was traditionally used by Tahitian Royalty.

Monoi Oil

Tiare (gardenia) flowers are made into perfume oil by soaking the flower petals into coconut oil. Tahitians consider this oil very special. Monoï (pronounced mah-noy), translates to ‘sacred oil’. Many Polynesian families have their own monoï recipes with additional aroma ingredients such as ylang-ylang, sandalwood, vanilla, and basil.

Monoi Oil is used as a beauty treatment for the whole body. It can be used as a skin and hair conditioner. It softens, protects, and nourishes the skin and hair.

Use Monoi oil to protect your skin and hair from the sun or cold.

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil is cold-pressed from the kernel of the tamanu tree. Tamanu has a rich, spicy scent.
Tahitian ancestors believed the branches of this sacred plant hid the gods and that it was a gift to protect them from the harsh sun, strong winds and salt water. 

Tamanu oil is known to help clear skin issues including acne, scarring, wrinkles, age spots, and dry skin. Tamanu oil absorbs quickly into the skin and antioxidant packed, it quickly nourishes the skin.

Noni Juice

A potassium-rich juice made by soaking the bulbous, green noni fruit in water for several days. Tahitians are known to drink this noni juice for centuries. It provides nutrients to the skin, body and hair.

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