Become a Cosmetic Formulator: 5 Key Steps

become a cosmetic formulator

Become a Cosmetic Formulator: 5 Key Steps

Do you want to start a new career as a Cosmetic Formulator? If so, watch Joan’s presentation and download the handouts below.

Download this Presentation Handout Here: 5 STEPS TO BECOME A COSMETIC FORMULATOR

 cosmetic formulator

LABORATORY NOTEBOOK learn about it here.

Lab Notebook

Download Cosmetic Formula Worksheet Template Here

This cosmetic formula worksheet is simple to fill out and you can quickly write down your formula and adjust it. It’s a great worksheet to get you started and understand how to create a cosmetic formula. A formula should always be in percentages. The percentage column needs to equal 100%. The amount column total is the size of your batch.
Of course you can always create the formula in Excel and easily adjust the formula in Excel.


Be inspired learning about Madam C. J. Walker, one of the first natural hair cosmetic formulators, manufacturer and entrepreneur. Read her story here


Professional Natural Hair Care Product Making Course

Professional Natural Skin Care Product Making Course

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  • Thank you very for your person experience on this journey of formulating product I really appreciate . will definitely enrol for next intake.

  • I saw the movie and it was inspiring, I care for my daughter’s hair using various products trying to find the one that will support growth and length retention. I recently started using ayurvedic herbs, and I’d like to learn how to formulate incorporating them. Does your course cater to that please?

    • That is great you are into herbs and pay attention caring for your daughter’s hair. I have used ayurvedic herbs for many years. Ayurvedic herbs for the hair have been traditionally used for a long time and I draw on that knowledge and infuse into formulations. The course has a lesson on herbs. We cover Ayurvedic herbs for hair during that lesson on the live call.

  • I love Jane Carter’s products, and I love the fact that you are inspired by Madam C.J. Walker! I am so inspired by her story as well. I have read all of the biographies of her life, and I recently saw a film inspired by her life on Netflix called “Self Made.” Its an excellent movie. I don’t have a crystal clear idea as to what kind of natural hair care formulations that I want to create, I just know I want to create something. I am still forming ideas in my mind and heart. I look forward to starting the course on Natural Hair formulations in 2021!

    • I also watched Self Made on Netflix. I was so surprised and happy to see it available. I don’t think anyone ever has a crystal clear idea of the business or formulations they want to create. You just need an idea and then build on it. It will keep evolving until you have clarity. I would love to have you in the course.

  • Hello my name is moussa from lebanon, iam interested in making cosmetic products in home can you help me !
    If you have online courses, how can i reach them?

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