7 Types of Lip Products

Types of Lip Products

There are many types of lip products on the market. From lip oil, lip gloss, lip balm, lip plumper and much more! What is the difference of these products and how do we know which may be the best for our lips? Lip products contain ingredients that you may not want on your lips. Our lip skin is very sensitive. We go over lip skin and lip care in a previous post. Sustainable pure lip products are made with natural, vegan, and plant-based ingredients. We will go over 7 different lip products below.

1. Lip Oil

Lip oil contains a high concentration of hydrating plant oils. These oils should deliver nutrients into the lips to hydrate, protect, condition, and repair. Lip oils are e a soothing treatment and nourishment to the delicate skin of the lips. After swiping your lips, it will immediately leave the lips looking plump and shiny. Lip oils can be tinted and result in a nice natural sheer lip color, adding a hint of color. They can be used alone or under or over your favorite lip stick.

  • Good For: High shine, hydration, and nourishment without the stickiness of gloss, treatment for dry and chapped lips.
  • Not Good For: Those looking for bold color coverage.


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2. Lip Gloss

Provides shiny and glossy lips with a variety of colors. They can be sheer, nude, full color: reds, pinks, plum.

  • Good For: Those with dry lips.
  • Not Good For: Long lasting lip color.

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3. Lip Balm

Provides excellent protection to the lips. Moisturizing and nourishing. Tinted Lip balms offer a hint of color with sheer to medium coverage. Lip balms can contain SPF, vitamin E, shea butter, and other high nourishing plant oils and waxes.

  • Good For: Those with dry and chapped lips, provides excellent protection during harsh winter or hot summer months.
  • Not Good For: Those looking for bold color coverage.


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4. Lip Plumper

These products contain ingredients that work as  humectants or mild irritants. Hydrating the lips naturally makes them fuller. Since our lips are very sensitive, adding mild irritants to them can create lip plumping. The lip will swell and flush, resulting in larger more plump lips. Make sure to use a lip plumper product on moisturized lips. It will not work on dry or chapped lips.

  • Good For: Those looking to plump their lips.
  • Not Good For: Chapped or dry lips.

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5. Whipped Lip Butter

Provides lip softening and hydration. These are sold in jars or pots. Ingredients used are mostly butters and solid or liquid oils. Butters can include, shea butter, cocoa butter mango butter, and kokum butter. These butters can provide lip protection.

  • Good For: Those with dry lips. Lips needing protection from the weather.
  • Not Good for: Those who dislike jar or pot lip products and those wanting bold or bright coverage.

6. Exfoliating Lip Products, Butter

These are made to help smooth and soften the lip skin. Exfoliating products help buff away dry or flaking lip skin leaving the lips looking and feeling better.

  • Good For: Dry or cracked lips. Or use as weekly lip care.
  • Not Good For: Don’t over exfoliate your lips also select exfoliating products with pure, natural ingredients.

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7. Lip Stick

Originally lipstick was matte with full color. However, lipstick now comes in many options such as: gloss, matte, glaze, luster, and satin finish. Traditional Lip stick can come off easily after eating or drinking so you will need to re-apply often. If selecting a long-wear lipstick, these can last 8 hours or more but can also dry the lips.

  • Good For: Full lip color in a variety of colors and finishes
  • Not Good For:  Chapped lips or those looking for sheer coverageTinted Lip Oil, 3 Sheer Colors.

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