Men’s Skin, Body & Hair Care Products

Cosmetics for Men

Men’s skin, body and hair care products are on the rise. Google reports that searches for men’s skin care have sustained steady growth over the past several years and is expected to continue to rise to over $29 billion by 2024! What men’s products being searched for have also become more specific, changing from a general “men’s skin care” to specific products for men. In light of this, we will be focusing our next blog series on men’s products for skin, body and hair. For this blog, let’s explore the types of products for men.

Men’s Skin, Body & Hair Care Products

Gone are the days for men just using a bar of soap. Men are wanting products tailored for their specific skin, hair and grooming needs. All of the products in our Professional Natural Skin Care Product Making Course and Professional Natural Hair Care Making Course can be tailored towards men by altering the scent. We will focus more on scent for men in part 3 of this series. Men are also looking for products geared towards shaving needs and how shaving affects their skin.

Here are the top searches for men’s products:

  • Men’s face wash
  • Best face lotion for men
  • Men’s facial
  • Men’s soap
  • Men’s face cream
  • Men’s face moisturizer
  • facial cleanser for men

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