My Morning & Night Skin Care Ritual

All of these products used in the video are in the Professional Natural Skin Care Course.

Do you have a skin care ritual? Did your mom or your grandmother have a skin care ritual? If so, I would love to hear what your skin care ritual is or what you learned from your mom, grandmother or friend.

A ritual is a procedure or system that you practice. Most of us probably brush our teeth regularly and it is a habit we don’t even think about. We don’t say, “I don’t have time to fit brushing my teeth into my busy schedule.” We just do it. When a ritual is ingrained in us it becomes a habit. There are good habits and bad habits. A skin care ritual is a good habit.

A skin care ritual gives you a few minutes each day caring for your skin, for you. We can spend so much time caring for others and our homes and it’s easy to neglect ourselves.

When you touch your skin and look into your eyes, you are touching a deep part of you and it sends the message that you matter.

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  • I love the idea of doing this in the morning and the evening. It’s almost like a little meditation, isn’t it? And who doesn’t need that time at night to tell yourself “time to calm down.” It definitely would put me in the right frame of mind to rest. What a great video!

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