Opening a Zero Waste Beauty Shop

zero waste beauty lip balm

Have you ever thought of opening a zero waste beauty shop? 

Think of the bulk bins at the grocery store, except in your store they are beautiful glass bulk jars with clean beauty products. The customer brings a clean container or uses a reusable sustainable container you offer. The container is filled with facial serum or body wash or shampoo or curl cream.

No waste, plus, it’s a fun way to shop for customers and a fun shop for your business. You are making a difference in the world offering your natural, organic skin and hair care products in your zero waste shop.

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is a lifestyle movement to eliminate waste in order to move towards less waste. This includes the Beauty and Cosmetic industry. We use hair, skin, and body cosmetics every day. Did you know that beauty brands produce about 77 billion items of plastic packaging per year, and over 70 percent of that ends up in landfills?

Many skin and hair care companies are striving to be more sustainable and making decisions to join this Zero Waste Beauty Movement.

Zero Waste Beauty Options

Reusable Containers

Some companies now offer reusable containers. Once you run out of product, you can purchase the refill product and place it back inside the container. This eliminates the need to waste the applicator or plastic part.

Recycled and Recyclable

This can be a good thing if you are recycling the product correctly. Check for recycling symbols on your cosmetic.

Use Paperboard or Cardboard Containers.

Open a Zero Waste Skin and Hair Care Shop
Make natural, organic skin and hair care products in your shop or purchase from sustainable clean beauty companies already making them and sell them in bulk. Offer reusable containers for purchase for filling with the products they want. Or have the customer bring their own container and fill with facial serum or curl cream.

Make Skin and Hair Care Products in Your Back Bar
Use your own products for your clients.
More and more hair stylists, massage therapists, and estheticians are looking to make fresh and nutrient-packed products to use on their clients.

This has many advantages such as:

  • Use products that yield better results: Freshly made scrubs, hair conditioner, or facials with plant-based masks are packed with activated enzymes and antioxidants.
  • Sell your own products to your clients. They can return for refills.
  • Less packaging, high quality products, and returning customers.
  • Eliminates the environmental impact from shipping including the boxes, packaging, and transportation.

Make Skin and Hair Care Products for Yourself
Making products for yourself and family is a great way to have fresh beauty care products at home. A fresh bar of soap or shampoo that your entire family can use eliminates many plastic bottles and also saves money. This way you can also reuse containers.

It’s a win, win, no wonder this is becoming a big trend, world-wide, especially in Australia.

Joan Morais teaches and mentors many students from our Professional Diploma Certification Courses who are looking to create Zero Beauty Skin or Hair Care Products.

Choose Right

Some cosmetics naturally have less packaging such as a bar of soap. Purchasing a bar of soap versus body wash, eliminates the large plastic bottle. You can now find complexion bars for your face or shampoo bars on the market. These are excellent options and eliminate plastic waste. Making conscious decisions on the product and how it is packaged is helpful. Look for eco-friendly packaging such as bamboo.

Why go Zero Waste?

  • Save money!
  • Eliminate waste and chemicals to help preserve and protect the earth, humans and animals
  • Eliminate toxic chemicals from your everyday use
  • To make a difference! Use your purchasing power to support companies who are making a difference.

Have any tips on Zero Waste? Share with us? Comment below or on our social media.

Learn about Clean Beauty and how to start a clean beauty skin or hair line here.

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