Velvet Flower Seed Extract

Velvet Flower
Amaranthus Caudatus, Velvet Flower

Velvet Flower Seed Extract

Velvet Flower Seed Extract, Amaranthus Caudatus, is from an ancient grain. It comes from the seeds of velvet flowers and contains natural plant peptides. This extract is excellent for fine hair and has many hair benefits. Because, it contains smaller peptides, it allows for greater penetration into hair fibers. The lightweight peptides don’t weigh the hair down, providing the hair with bounce. The peptides also enhance the structure of the hair to provide fuller and healthier looking hair.

Hair Benefits

  • Increases the diameter of individual hair strand fibers for fuller hair
  • Reduces friction for increased bounce and hair movement
  • Adds shine and gloss for healthier looking hair
  • Improves manageability and helps prevent damage

NaturePep Amaranth (Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract), shows many positive hair benefits as results of using this ingredient on fine hair. Results show this ingredient increases hair diameter by 13.8%  for thicker looking hair with more body. It can smooth and reduce hair friction by -16.2% from root to tip after 5 applications, thus allowing hair to move more freely and be less prone to tangles. More results show it can increase hair movement and bounce for more hair body 26% after 5 applications. In addition, NaturePep Amaranth can improve hair spring by 163.9% after 3 applications for more hair bounce and style hold.

Ingredient Features

NaturePep Amaranth (Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract) is non-GMO and naturally gluten-free. It is easily soluble in water and China approved. This ingredient has many functions, allowing for many product uses. Plant derived and sustainable.

Learn More

Did you know we teach specialty formulation classes? Learn how to formulate with NaturePep Amaranth with our newest Product Formulation Class, High Gloss Detangler! This sustainable and effective hair product is formulated with plant peptides from velvet flower! This formulation also contains powerful humectants for instant hair hydration and plant derived conditioning agents for hair detangling.

High Gloss Detangler


High Gloss Detangler Formulation Class

Key Benefits-

  • Delivers Shine
  • Tames Flyaways
  • Improves Combability
  • Reduces Static
  • Softer + Smoother Hair

Scent Description-

  • Rich woods and citrus

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